Ambientia kaugtöö tegija

Ambientia kaugtöö tegija

Ambientia on läbi aastate pidevalt kasvanud nii töötajate hulga, kui ka erinevate teenuste osas. Meie peamisteks teenuseks on Eesti, Soome ja USA ettevõtete äriprotsesside digitaliseerimine. Loome klientidele e-kaubanduse lahendusi, siseveebe, mobiilirakendusi, piletiostusüsteeme ja teisi digitaalseid ärikanaleid. Kasvava ettevõttena pakume võimalust töötata meie regiooni tuntud ettevõtetega.


A Job That Moves With You

Miika Härkönen working remotely in Croatia

Miika Härkönen working remotely in Croatia

Ambientia has a total of six offices: Five offices in Finland and one in Estonia. We also offer the possibility to work from a home office, depending on the situation and the task at hand: approximately one third of all working hours at Ambientia are distance work. As a decentralised organisation, we appreciate good interaction skills, the ability to work with different types of people and self-initiative to express ideas in a constructive, solution-oriented manner.

Project work is carried out in decentralised teams, so your closest colleague may be working in another part of Finland, or even Estonia. To ensure smooth work, we make sure that you have all the tools you need in order to focus on your task instead of maintaining a workstation. Our way of working allows the seamless combination of work and leisure-time, as well as taking different situations in life into consideration. The most important thing for us is the results of the work, not the time spent in the office. With up-to-date, effective tools, work can be carried out smoothly from all of our locations, home offices and even trains, for example.


Technology Expertise and Caring About Customers

Our experts cooperate closely with our customers all the way from the strategy level to planning, implementation and maintenance. Our projects vary from brief assignments to development projects lasting several years and requiring persistence and effort from our teams. Expertise develops with suitably challenging projects, and the learning path is supported by competent colleagues and mentors.

Competence can be improved and studies completed alongside with the work, and many students have written their final theses while employed at Ambientia. We arrange open training on a monthly basis and also make sure that our employees stay in tune with the latest trends by attending conferences and events all over the world.


Magento Imagine 2019 – Adobe Amazon & Google

Ambientians visited Magento Imagine 2019 event in Las Vegas

Creating New Experiences Together

To counterbalance work, we support your leisure-time in different ways. Among others, we offer our employees physical recreation and culture benefits, and they are also covered by broad accident insurance. Comprehensive occupational healthcare services support your well-being and the lunch benefit maintains your energy levels throughout the whole day.

We abandon everyday routines every now and then and, together, try out a new activity, set out for an excursion or spend the day learning about an interesting technology. For example, we have arranged go-cart races and downhill skiing and canoeing trips, and also went to the opera and for a cave expedition. Recreational excursions offer the possibility to get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed setting, creating experiences that you will not forget!

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